Serge Lecomte

Featured Artist — Spring 2021

Waiting for the Ferryman

Have a Nice Trip

Non Msieur Magritte Ce Nest Pas Un Pomme.
Mais Etes Vous une Poisson

1864 Pressure

1842 No Fishing

Serge Lecomte was born in Belgium. He came to the States where he spent his teens in South Philly and then Brooklyn. He joined the Medical Corps in the Air Force and was sent to Selma, Alabama during the Civil Rights Movement as a crewmember on helicopter rescue.  He holds degrees in Russian Studies, Spanish Literature, and Russian Literature with a minor in French Literature. He has held many jobs in his life, including poetry editor for Paper Radio, language teacher, house builder, pipefitter, orderly in a hospital, gardener, landscaper, driller for an assaying company, bartender in one of Fairbanks’ worst bars, to name a few. He resided on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska for 15 years and recently moved to Bellingham, WA.