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Trigger Warning

Due to the intention of Dark Moon Lilith: A Magazine Dedicated to the Wondrous Strange — to lift the veils that shroud difficult, unusual, and so-called “fringe” topics and ideas — the stories, words, and images contained herein may contain depictions and/or explorations of sexual abuse, self-harm, violence, eating disorders, all the “-isms,” and more that may cause discomfort and/or emotional disruptions in those who are sensitive to such material.

When we select content, we do so with the pure intention of serving as a space that contributes to the healing of the world by illuminating these topics, examining and/or celebrating the human condition, and honoring the brave writers, poets, and artists who use their art to inform, entertain, and/or heal — themselves and others.

Rather than call out each individual piece of work and run the risk of dampening the reader’s/viewer’s experience, we offer this all-inclusive warning.

We do not showcase work that gratuitously depicts these topics. We seek to balance the heavy with the light. We hope you enjoy.

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Spring 2021

Featured Fiction Writer
Elizabeth Steiner

Featured Non-Fiction Writer
Meg Kinghorn

Featured Poet
Kate Kingston

Featured Artist
Serge Lecomte

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