What is the Dark Moon and Who is Lilith?

Dark Moon Lilith is titled for the astrological aspect of the same name, which is a representation of the unconscious, the part of us that overshadows our rational thought, that allows us to be in the present on an unconscious level. The Dark Moon tells us about our hidden human essence that we try to conceal from ourselves and from others due to fear.


Dark Moon Lilith is also named for Lilith, the Goddess, the first archetypical feminist, Adam’s first wife, who refused to be subservient, who left Adam and was demonized, as powerful women tend to be.

Rather than shed any more light on the negative retellings of Lilith, we choose to embrace the powerful, independent force she represents. We choose to embrace her darkness—a representation of our unconscious—as a creative force, not a malevolent one.

Those who challenge the status quo in any capacity are always seen as troublemakers and are almost always demonized or disregarded.

We embrace the troublemakers and dark, creative feminine power.